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Check Your Privilege (AKA, Boo hoo. I’m sure that life is just so hard for you.)

I don’t ever want to hear another straight, white, cis woman complain about her parents not giving her enough money ever again. The fact that you feel you are entitled to more money than you are getting, or any money at all for that matter, honestly sickens me. Your parents are not obligated to give you any money. They’re already paying for you to go to school here. You get three meals a day, a better education than most of the kids in state, and a room that you only have to share with one other person.

If my parents could afford to give me $10 a week, I would literally cry tears of joy.  “I had to quit my part time job to come here” is not a valid reason as to why you should get money. I had to quit my job too; a lot of people did. You haven’t even tried getting another job.

Also, if I have to listen to you talk about how pro-life you are one more time, I am seriously going to flip the fuck out. Shut up. (I hate living on a girls floor >:( )

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